3 Easy Ways to Make Your Fast Food Healthier


Even if you’re trying your best to stay away from it, sometimes your only option for a meal dwindles down to fast food. Whether it’s because you’re traveling, in a hurry, or simply in a situation where there isn’t a better choice, you suddenly find yourself in your car or at a countertop staring up at a backlit menu wondering what you won’t later regret ordering. While that used to be a real problem not too long ago, fast food restaurants have made some appreciable advances in both variety and nutrition. Now you won’t exactly find what most people would consider “health food,” but you can usually identify something that won’t totally derail a discriminating eating plan.

How To Turn The Tables On Fast Food

Since you’re obviously going to be skipping the fries and milkshake we can automatically scratch those off the list. Many fast food chains offer reduced calorie choices these days, so obviously that’s the place to start. First of all, don’t be shy about asking to leave off anything you don’t want. For instance, chicken tacos may come with black beans and rice on a flour tortilla. In this case, ditch the rice, keep the beans, and consider the tortilla only as a way to keep the salsa, lettuce and shredded chicken in one place while you eat it all. Simple way to avoid those carbs, right?

Instead of a breaded and fried chicken breast sandwich, opt for the grilled chicken tender meal with a side salad or vegetables. One particular chain offers their burgers in what they call “protein style,” which simply means the meat comes wrapped in lettuce instead of the standard, carbohydrate-loaded bun.

Or how about a soup and salad combo? One popular sandwich franchise will actually turn your usual sandwich makings into a salad instead!

Sure, it may take a bit of searching or imagination, but you can almost always figure out a way to turn an otherwise carb-and-calorie-loaded quick serve meal into something you won’t have to worry about later.