3 Health Warning Signs You Should Always Pay Attention To


Just about everyone has experienced an unexplained twinge of pain or a mysterious symptom suddenly popping up out of nowhere. What’s even more mystifying is how they can also disappear just as quickly. Oftentimes it’s just a cramp or something similarly benign, but there are indeed several health warning signs that you definitely should not ignore, especially if they start occurring more often and become progressively more pronounced.

The Top Health Warning Signs To Watch For

Chest Pain – No matter your age, sex, weight, or health status, any type of pain in your chest should be taken very seriously. It may be a sharp pain or a dull one, or it could also feel more like a heavy pressure on your chest. Regardless of the type or severity of the pain, if it’s in your chest (or, in the case of a heart attack it could also show up in your jaw or left arm), your first thought should be to seek out emergency room medical attention as soon as possible.

Piercing Abdominal Pain – With all of the major organs that call your abdominal region home, any unaccounted for and extreme pain in that area should be considered a major health warning sign. From appendicitis to kidney stones to any number of other conditions, if your abdominal pain has got you doubled-ever or unable to move, a hospital emergency room or urgent care clinic should be your next destination.

Severe, Sudden Headaches – Headaches can be triggered by a wide range of factors from alcohol to stress to allergies, and most of them can be controlled with some form of medication. If an unexplained, unusually painful headache strikes, it’s a health warning sign you should take just as seriously as any of the previously described conditions. If your headaches started after a blow to the head, affect your personality, grow steadily worse and/or become more frequent, or started after you turned 50 years old, you should consult with a medical professional immediately.

Also, please understand that these are only three of numerous health warning signs that you should not ignore. If you have any questions or concerns about any unexplained, chronic, or sudden pain you’re experiencing, please seek immediate medical attention as soon as possible.