4 Perfectly Natural Reasons Why You Bruise Easily


If you’re like a lot of people, bruises seem to show up out of nowhere. Once in a while you can actually figure out where and when you banged into something (or something bumped into you). But, more often than not, most people are usually caught by surprise when they see another mysterious patch of black-and-blue on their skin. If it happens a lot, you may even begin to wonder if it’s because you bruise easily or is it simply because you’re a bit clumsy. Believe it or not, a combination of different factors can play into creating a bruise.

Do You Really Bruise Easily? Or The Same As Anyone Else.

Let’s start off with what actually causes a bruise. When you walk into a doorframe or stumble and fall onto your knee, the force of the blow damages the capillaries underneath the skin. When those small blood vessels break open, they release blood. Without a break in the skin, however, that blood has no place to go and it stays in the immediate impact area. After a day or so the reddish color of the trapped blood changes to the familiar purplish-black hue that really starts to show the damage.

As far as what factors may cause someone to bruise easily at one point or another during their life, aging is a major factor. As we grow older, our skin loses both thickness and elasticity, both of which provide cushion and protection against jarring and jolting. Also, medications including aspirin, antibiotics, and corticosteroids – even supplements like fish oil may affect how easily you bruise.

A poor diet can also cause you to bruise easily. Lack of vitamin C and vitamin D may result in bruising more often than you normally would. Though that extreme is not often seen in developed countries, it is still something to consider. On another extreme, bruising on your stomach, back, or chest area can actually be a sign of internal bleeding.

If you do have concerns regarding unexplained or excessive bruising, please contact your health care provider for a more comprehensive examination, explanation, and possible treatments.