5 Eye-Opening Reasons You’re Still Feeling Tired


If you find yourself feeling a bit tired during the day, your first thought is probably that you simply didn’t get a good night’s sleep. Granted, chances are that is more than likely the problem, too, since the U.S. as a whole runs low on quality rest. So you start going to bed earlier, put away the laptop and smart phone to rest your brain, or even go so far as buying a different mattress – but that sleepy feeling never quite seems to quite go away. In fact, maybe it even worsens.

What happens when you’re doing the obvious things to sleep better but you’re still tired the whole next day? Read on to find out what you may be missing.

Feeling Tired is Not Always About a Lack of Sleep

Your Dehydrated
So many seemingly unrelated things can make you feel tired during the day. One particular cause you may not have heard of is dehydration. Not getting enough water into your system can actually result in your blood thickening up, forcing your heart to work much harder and less efficiently than it normally would. As a result your body can be starved of the freshly oxygenated blood it needs to operate and your energy level drops.

Your Anemic
Anemia can also play a role in fatigue. If you’re anemic, you’re not getting enough iron in your diet, and, similar to dehydration’s effects, your muscles aren’t getting the oxygen they need. Lack of energy may also be traced back to a diabetic condition, as fatigue is considered one of its most common symptoms.

Your Blood Sugar Balance is Off
Speaking of diabetes, what you eat can have a direct effect on both how well you feel during the day and how well you sleep during the night. Processed foods and high sugar content wears your body out as it attempts to balance out your blood sugar levels. And that same poor diet can elevate your risk of heart disease and sleep apnea – neither of which do anything to boost your get-up-and-go.

Get Tested by a Professional

If you are feeling tired during the day no matter what you’ve tried as far as sleeping better, schedule an appointment with a care provider for a full and professional assessment. That’s the best way to know of what might be behind your daily fatigue besides a late night movie session.