7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Donating Blood


You may not know this but the average male, 150lb body has about eight pints of blood, and the average female, 110lb body has about five pints (of course if you’re larger than that you’ll have more). Blood makes up around seven percent of your total body weight and there around one billion red blood cells in just a few drops of it. Needless to say, we all need it to live, especially anyone who’s been involved in a traumatic accident, undergoing surgery, or especially a cancer patient undergoing a transfusion. But what you also may not know is that well over four million people would die in the U.S. every year without those transfusions, and people just like you donating blood source every ounce of the 32,000 pints administered each day across the country.

Donating Blood Makes An Immeasurable Difference In People’s Lives

Want to know some other eye-opening facts about donating blood? How about:

  1. Any blood you donate must be used within forty-two days
  2. You won’t get HIV or any other disease from donating blood
  3. You can give blood about every sixty days
  4. It takes your body about three to four weeks to replace all the red blood cells after you’ve donated
  5. Type O and Type B blood are usually the first to run low at hospitals
  6. If you’re blood is Type O negative you can donate to anyone
  7. If you’re blood type is AB you can receive blood from anyone

If you already regularly donate blood, consider yourself officially awesome. If you’ve donated in the past, but haven’t done it a while, or especially if you’ve never donated at all, you can rest assured you’ll always be welcomed in with open arms (get it? Open arms?)