Easy Ways to Help Fight Seasonal Allergies March 14, 2016


A lot of different traits can run in families, such as hair color, height, or an increased likelihood of having twins. Something else that can be passed down from generation to generation? Seasonal allergies.

Genetics play a starring role in what you may or may not be allergic to during your life, so unfortunately it’s actually your very own DNA that is to blame for your sneezing, sniffles, and watery, itchy eyes. So while it’s not possible to cure yourself of allergies, it is possible to implement a few simple ideas to help you reduce their ability to make you miserable.

Don’t Let Your Seasonal Allergies Get The Best Of You

Plan Ahead
It’s all the pollen blowing around in the air that is wrecking your day, so if you know from checking the pollen count forecasts that tomorrow, the next day, or the rest of the week won’t be fun for allergy sufferers, put your battle plan into motion before the irritants even show up. If you have medications like eye drops or capsules, start taking them to get in front of both the pollen and your symptoms.

Stay Indoors
It’s definitely a bummer. One of the worst things about seasonal allergies is needing to stay inside during some of the best weather of the year. For better or worse, however, it can be pretty effective at reducing the severity of your symptoms. With your windows shut and the air conditioning on you can minimize your pollen exposure.

Also, don’t forget the high-efficiency HEPA filter on your HVAC intake (and change it regularly)!

If you do go outside, after a rain is better, and consider wearing a dust mask if possible.

Also, remember to remove your clothes and take a shower before getting into bed since pollen is all over you from walking around outside in it. The last place you want it is on your bed sheets, too.