Possible Indications of Eating Disorders


It can be difficult to notice when a loved one has an eating disorder. While an extreme weight loss or increase over a brief time might be an obvious sign, there are more subtle tip-offs that can give the whole story.

Anorexia nervosa

There are no specific causes for triggering Anorexia Nervosa. While it usually affects teenage females, males are additionally known to suffer the disorder. Anorexic women also have a tendency to be high achievers, and are known for their quest for perfection. Other indications include:

  • Crabbiness
  • Fixation on food or food-related rituals
  • Excessively working out
  • Refusal to eat out in the open
  • Unpredictable menstrual cycle
  • Constipation
  • Continually feeling cold

Bulimia Nervosa

While Anorexia sufferers tend to concentrate on eating less and less, Bulimia victims will binge-eat excessive amounts of food, often only stopping when the pain becomes too much for them. At that point they will cleanse their bodies through vomiting or utilizing intestinal medicines. They may likewise hint at:

  • Low self-regard
  • Gum damage and tooth decay
  • Setting off to the restroom quickly after eating
  • Injuries on the knuckles or hands
  • Exaggerated focus on body shape and weight
  • Mouth or throat wounds

Binge Eating

This disorder is characterized by regularly over eating food, except there is no effort to rid the body of those calories through exercise, laxative use, or vomiting. Other signs include:

  • Eating speedier while gorging
  • Eating in secret
  • Feeling upset with the amount of food eating during a binge

While not one of these side effects affirms a dietary problem, make sure to look out for a mix of such practices and others, for example, an emphasis on just eating particular, low calorie nourishments or tireless checking in the mirror. Eating disorders can wreak havoc on developing bodies, but a keen eye or ear may reveal the clues you need to recognize the warning signs and get your loved one the help he or she needs to overcome it and get back on the road to healthy eating.